New Lawyers Committee

Committee membership is open to all members of the SBOT IP Section who have  0-10 years of legal experience. The purpose of the committee is to provide new lawyers with networking and mentoring opportunities, through CLE and social events alike. Texas-area law students are also invited to join the committee.

If you’re interested in learning more about the committee or if you’d like to add your name to the listserv, please email the New Lawyers Committee Chair,  and/or New Lawyers Committee Liaison.

Announcing: IP Ambassador Program

This year, the New Lawyers Committee is pleased to announce the IP Ambassador Program. During this one-year long mentorship program, Ambassadors (having 20+ years of legal experience) will be paired with mentees (0-20 years of legal experience). This pairing relationship is designed to help foster progression in the mentee’s development of goals, values, and career. The program is not designed for employment opportunities. The IP Ambassador Program will serve to:

  1.  Set Clear Ground Rules for the Mentoring Relationship: During your first meeting, discuss items such as the frequency of m style="box-sizing: inherit;">Define Mentorship Goals and Objectives: Determine the objective for the mentorship such as skill development, career growth, networking, or life balance. Thereafter, the ambassador and the participant can work together to identify 1-3 goals to work as part of the mentorship. Participants should take ownership when setting these goals, while ambassadors can encourage their participants to break down their goals into manageable steps and action items.
  2. Plan Useful Activities: After determining the main objectives and defining the main goals, work together to create activities that will help the participant to achieve them. For example, if the participant would like to work on career growth, the ambassador could conduct a review of the participant’s existing and desired skill set to identify areas for development. If the participant wants to work on networking skills, the ambassador could introduce his/her participant to appropriate senior leaders or both the ambassador and participant could attend a conference together.

We will contact the pairs on a quarterly basis in an effort to attain your feedback, concerns, and to inquiry into the overall effectiveness of the pairing.


CHAIR: Mackenzie Martin

COUNCIL LIAISON: Christine Pompa


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