Tom Arnold Lifetime Achievement Award

The Tom Arnold lifetime achievement award honors those who had a significant impact on the intellectual property law practice in Texas.

The recipient should have practiced law, or otherwise been involved with Intellectual Property Law, for a minimum of 25 years. The recipient’s career should have had a significant impact on the Intellectual Property Law practice in Texas and should preferably be a long-time member of the IP Law Section of the State Bar of Texas. The recipient shall be living or have passed away within the preceding year. The award shall be considered annually, but not necessarily awarded annually.

Please submit your nominations for the award by March 31, 2021 to Michael Locklar.

2021 Gale R. (Pete) Peterson
2020 Ed Fein
2019 Tom Morris
2018 Robert Turner
2017 Paul Janicke
2016 V. Bryan Medlock, Jr.
2015 Louis T. Pirkey
2014 Bernarr R. (Bill) Pravel
2013 Eugenia (Genie) Hansen

Fritz Lanham Annual Trademark Award

The purpose of the award is to recognize lawyers and businesses for their accomplishments on brand-related projects. The award may be given to anyone of the following: 1) Individual lawyer or legal team for significant accomplishments in the legal community related to trademarks; or 2) Business or brand team for significant achievements related to promotion of a brand or marketing innovation. Attorney nominees must be licensed in Texas. If a business or brand team is nominated, the company should have a headquarters or significant business operations based in Texas.

2022 Joe Cleveland, Bracket & Ellis, P.C.
2021 Craig Stone, Phillips 66
2019 Leanne Stendell, TGI Friday’s Inc.
2018 Joseph J. Ferretti, PepsiCo
2017 University of Houston Law Center

Texas Outstanding Inventor Award

All nominations must be based on inventions that have significantly impacted the Texas economy.

Please submit your nominations for the award by April 15, 2025 to submit Stephanie Dowdy.

2021 Dr. Corey Clark
2020 Jason McLellan, University of Texas at Austin
2019 Frank Bradley Stamps, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
2018 Dr. Eric Maidla, Nexen Data Solutions, Inc.
2017 Dan Scott – Baker Hughes
2016 Marc Cox for University of Texas- El Paso
2015 Chris Hymel
2014 David Kumhyr, IBM
2014 Rhonda Childress, IBM
2008 Robert E. Smith III of National Coupling Company, Inc., for underwater couplings used in offshore drilling
2007 John Melanson for audio and mixed signal technologies
2006 Larry Hornbeck of TI for development of the digital micromirror device (DMD)
2005 Ravi Arimilli for Computer Server designs
2004 Dr. George Skidmore for Nanotechnology
2003 Donald R. Kelsey for Process for preparing polytrimethylene terephthalate
2002 Brian C. Clark for Method and Apparatus for Seismic Communication with a Downhole Tool
2001 Rom D. Young for Method and Apparatus for Using Steel Slag in Cement Clinker Production
1999 Claude D. Head, III for Segmented Asynchronous Operation of an Automated Assembly Line (computer controlled and operated automated assembly lines for the manufacturing of semiconductor circuits)
1998 Dr. Tsiu Chiu Chan for An Improved Cell Layout Used in the Semiconductor Static Memory Industry
1999 Dr. Carlton E. Ash for Stabilized Polyketone Polymer Compositions
1996 Julio C. Palmaz for Expandable Intraluminal Graft, and Method and Apparatus for Implanting an Expandable Intraluminal Graft
1995 Larry Smith for Catalytic Distillation for MTBE Production
1993 Paul Culley for System for Controlling the Transferring of Different Widths of Data Using Two Different Sets of Address Control and State Information Signals
1992 David A. Wolf for Bio-Reactor for Mammalian Cell Culture
1991 Leslie P. Williams for Foam-Applying Nozzle
1990 John L. Burba III for Mixed Metal Hydroxide Fluids
1988 Jack St. Clair Kilby for Integrated Circuit
1987 Serge A. Scherbatskoy for Well Logging
1986 Donald R. Smith for Freezing and Cooking Using Forced Air
1985 Robert S. Loof Bourrow for Floating Point Amplifier Recorder and Sonic Logging
1984 Gordon H. Matthews for Watsbox Telecommunication System
1983 Robert P. Popovich and Jack Moncrief for Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis

Chair Award

2021-2022 Craig Stone
2019-2020 Mike Locklar
2018-2019 Megan Hoyt
2017-2018 Joe Cleveland
2016-2017 Howard Lim
2015-2016 Leisa Peschel
2014-2015 Herb Hammond
2013-2014 Hope Shimabuku
2012-2013 Indranil Chowdhury
2007-2008 Shannon Bates
2006-2007 Molly Buck Richard
2005-2006 Edward G. Fiorito
2004-2005 Charles S. Cotropia
2003-2004 Kimbley L. Muller
2002-2003 Robert W. Turner
2001-2002 Ned Conley
2000-2001 William G. Barber
1998-1999 Andrew J. Dillon
1997-1998 Jerry R. Selinger
1996-1997 Margaret A. Boulware
1995-1996 William L. LaFuze
1994-1995 Gale R. Peterson
1993-1994 Louis Pirkey
1992-1993 V. Bryan Medlock
1991-1992 Jack C. Goldstein
1990-1991 Frank S. Vaden, III
1989-1990 Bernarr R. Pravel
1988-1989 Tom Arnold
1987-1988 James A. Reilly
1986-1987 D. Carl Richards
1985-1986 Frank B. Pugsley

SBOT IP Section Diversity Scholarship Award

The Intellectual Property Law Section of the State Bar of Texas (IP Law Section) will award three $5,000 scholarships to eligible law students. Any student enrolled in an ABA-accredited law school in Texas during any part of the application submission period may apply. Students who have been accepted to law school but have not yet started classes at the time the application is filed are not eligible. Students who have graduated at the time the scholarship is awarded are eligible. Although students in their first year of study are welcome to apply, given the greater experience in intellectual property of those in their second and third years, students should be advised that often priority is given to those in their second and third years of study. Those that have previously applied but were not awarded the scholarship are highly encouraged to re-apply.

The purpose of the scholarships is to encourage law students who have not traditionally been represented in Intellectual Property practice to enter the Intellectual Property profession in Texas by providing financial assistance to help defray the expenses of a law-school education:

Selection criteria for the scholarships include but are not limited to:

  • Scholastic merit;
  • Financial need;
  • Membership in a socio-economic group traditionally under-represented in the practice of Intellectual Property law;
  • Diverse background, including diverse, marginalized or underserved populations or geographic regions;
  • Demonstrated commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the legal profession;
  • Demonstrated experience and interest in the practice of law in Intellectual Property;
  • Texas roots;
  • First generation in a family to go to college or law school;
  • Science and/or engineering undergraduate education or experience;
  • Contributions to or participation in minority or diversity programs;
  • Challenges faced due to a disability;
  • Community service; and
  • Extracurricular activities both inside and outside law school, including legal externships or internships in the field of Intellectual Property.

This application should be completed and returned by email to Juanita DeLoach at and Marylauren Ilagan at (entire applications only, i.e., applications including the recommendations, essays, and transcripts).
2023 Emma Myles and Lorraine Olutu 
2020 Megan Mitchell and Haytham Soliman
2019 Danielle Zapata and Vernetra Gavin
2018 Jolene Robin-McCaskill and Brandon Cofield
2017 Charles Liu and Paige Edwards
2016 Hector Leal and Juan Yaquian
2015 Samon Kadivar, Mikeyia Dawkins, and Jun Zheng
2014 Ping Lei and Tamoka Bellard
2011 Juanita DeLoach, Yujane Wu, Anthony Nguyen
2010 Shruti Krishnan and Ricardo Bonilla
2008 Ryan Abbott and Kathy Li
2007 Sheila Kadura, Johnson Kuncheria, and Jennifer Librach
2006 Valerie Yu-Mei Chen, Debera Wells
2005 Elizabeth McKee, Hope Shimabuku, and John Yang
2004 Anna Elise McMinn and Amos Olubunmi

Writing Contest Award

2008 How-Ying Albert Liou
2007 Leisa Peschel
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